Solar lighting is magic

Solar lighting is magic

Posted by Emma Smith

Solar lighting… we know it all. They are lights driven by solar power. Now that that sounds quite logical & easy. And actually it is… Put some solar powered outdoor lighting in your garden and you will have always a clear view in the darkness. But how does it work exactely…?

solar power drives solar lighting

The sun is actually a very large source of energy. And it powers solar lighting. Thed radiation comes to earth and we use it for various purposes. Which that includes e.g. garden and outdoor lighting. The magic of that ‘green’ light is actually very simple. The lighting fixture holds a small solar panel with a number of solar cells. So these cells catch the sunlight during the day. And converts it into electrical energy. This energy is stored in the rechargeable battery of the fixture. In the evening, this solar energy is used to power the LED (external link to some LED website) light bulb and emits the desired amount of light.

technology of the sun

Another name for call solar powered electricity is photovoltaic energy. Sometimes the abbreviation PV is used. Actualy it is a very effective and 100% clean & green way to convert solar radiation into electricity. The earlier mentioned solar panel is integrated in the lighting fixture. The top of such a panel usually consist of glass, the bottom is covered with a dark plate. Such a panel is full of solar cells that absorb sunlight. When sun light touches the surface of these photovoltaic cells, it is directly converted into electric current. The electricity is stored in the rechargeable battery of the solar powered lighting. And then – like magic – when it gets dark, the solar lamp switches on automatically and the stored power from the battery is used.

advantages of solar lighting

Using solar powerd outdoor lights brings several advantages, We summarize the three most important ones:

  1. Green & clean energy. The sun powers your lighting at night. So no need for power plants for your ‘outdoors’; just enjoy your light off the grid
  2. Freedom of installation. You need no power cables, sockets or other electrical outlets. And sun powered lighting is autonomous so it can be placed anywhere
  3. No electricity cost. As the sun brings us power for free, you have no electricity cost for a clear view at night

For sure we can sum up many more advantages of sun power, off grid living and low cost lighting. But it all starts with these three.

some considerations

So solar lighting comes with many advantages. But there is a few choices you have to make before you buy. Moreover those choices (internal link to some article) are mainly related to two topics. The amount of light – specified in Lumens – you would like to have. And the color of the light also called the light temperature and expressed in ‘Kelvin’.

why wait?

So no need to make any other choice than green, clean and lean solar powered lighting. Select the right wall fixture, garden post or tall post here (internal link to brimmel range).