LED solar light convenient?

LED solar light convenient?

Posted by Emma Smith

The word solar is a synonym for the sun. So LED solar light is literally driven by the power of our daily sun light. And this type of lighting only needs the sun. No need for extra power. Because the energy of the sun is ‘freely’ available, it makes sense to use it for all kinds of purposes that require energy. Not only for solar panels that can be found on roofs of buildings. But as well for LED solar lights. And that is what we at brimmel specializes in.

LED consumes little energy

The wide spread use of solar powered light really took off after its was combined with the LED lamps (external link to LED information). That is because a LED light source has a relatively low energy consumption. And that pairs perfectly with a limited power supply of the solar panels. Now a long operating time and high lumen output can be achieved with a compact, powerfull battery. And as a result, LED solar light is available in many different models, materials and in large and small sizes.

Solar light stands alone

Next to the advantage of LED light bulbs, solar lights brings more convenience. Solar powered lamps are a stand-alone solution for any lighting challenge. This means they are self-sufficient and operate without any additional means; just the sun. So this technology can especially be used in places where electricity from the grid is not easily available. Solar energy lamps are therefore used as both functional lighting and decorative, mood lighting. Getting them in place is so easy that installing in any situation is really a piece of cake.

Solar light is always ready to go

In a solar light you will always have a rechargeable battery. So the sun’s energy can be captured by a solar panel and stored in a battery. Different types and sizes of batteries are used. It not only depends on the type of lamp and the light source used, But as well on the output in Lumens (internal link to item about Lumens) of the light bulb. The type of lamp determines the function. The floodlight for safety, a pole or post for mood lighting. Or even a wall lamp to shine a light at the doorway. So the aplication also sets whether the light source needs to provide high output a low mood lights. And the capacity of the battery is always tuned to this. Meaning that there is always enough power available to ‘keep the fire burning’…

Make your choice now!

No need to make any other choice than green, clean and lean solar powered lighting. Make your choice for the right brimmel wall fixture, garden post or tall post here (internal link to brimmel range).