Wireless outdoor lamps light you up

Wireless outdoor lamps light you up

Posted by Emma Smith

Love to have a perfectly lit garden? But don’t feel like hiring a garden architect? Nor the hassle of redoing your garden? Or make sure all the cables are rain proof…? Make your life easy with brimmel wireless outdoor lamps.

Wireless outdoor lamps are a bright idea

One of the disadvantages of installing outdoor lighting is that you usually do not have as many power points in the garden as inside you home. What a perfect solution it would be to have wireless outdoor lamps. This is lighting that does not need any cords. Solar outdoor lamps have exactly that quality! No more digging in cables or working with hose reels. There are only two things you need to do. Fixing or placing the solar light in a sunny place and switching on the wireless outdoor lamp.

Solar lights with sensor

All solar lamps are equipped with a twilight sensor. And sometimes even with a motion sensor with several functions. But first about the light senor… If you have several wireless outdoor lamps and every time you would need to switch them on and off individually, this would of course be very inconvenient. Now you only need to enable them once. When it gets dark, the wireless outdoor lamps will light up automatically. There are also wireless solar lights with twilight sensor and the earlier mentioned motion sensor. With these lamps you have the perfect driveway lighting and you will feel safe at home.

Outdoor lamps without electricity

One of the characteristics of solar lighting is that it is always an wireless outdoor lamp without power supply. However not all parts of the garden have full sunlight. But – as always – solutions are available. To light up a garden section with little sunlight over the day use solar powered lamps with cable. This is a cable between the lamp and a separate solar panel. This allows you to mount the garden lighting in a place where sunlight does not come, while you can place the loose panel somewhere where sunlight is highly available.

Control wireless outdoor lamps with motion control

Since people also like to regulate their own light settings and light levels, there are also outdoor lamps with motion control. These lamps often have a several options, such as choosing the burning time after it starts to get dark. With brimmel wireless outdoor lamps it is even possible to simply set this motion control for different functions. So no more need to worry about lightless evenings, visitors or remote controls. Good to know… The lamp then works exactly the same as any other outdoor lamp and has comparable light intensity.